Whiskey Stones Gift Set w/ 8 Granite Chilling Whiskey Rocks, 2 Crystal Glasses &Velvet Bag|Reusable Cooling Ice Cubes|Chill Your Scotch & Cold Drinks|Packed in Elegant Wooden Box (Special Set)


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  • ENJOY YOUR SCOTCH COOL AND UNDILUTED: Bring your favorite alcoholic beverages to the perfect sipping temperature and retain their unique taste, undiluted by water with a set of 8 tasteless, extremely effective, granite whiskey stones rocks that will make sure your drinks maintain 100% of their original flavors and stay chilled. The chilling stones freeze within only a few hours, making them a must-have item for last minute party planning.
  • GET A COMPLETE SET: Wow your guests at your next gathering by taking out this elegant, wooden box and revealing a complete set of 8 granite drink stones, beautifully packed in a black, velvet bag and 2 high quality, crystal Whiskey glasses. Try plopping a few of the cooling rocks into a glass of aromatic, white wine and you can be sure, they’ll be the talk of the party.
  • SAVE MONEY AND CHILL YOUR DRINKS IN NO TIME: Why spend tons of money on buying dirty ice of questionable quality or make your ice cubes in a hurry every time? With this beautiful set of reusable whiskey cooling rocks you can always have ice cold drinking cubes in your freezer, so you can enjoy a chilled drink in no time.
  • MAKE A CLASSY GIFT: Are you looking for a special, luxurious gift to impress your loved ones? Durable, easy to wash and with an unbeatable, classy look, these versatile whiskey ice cold drinking rocks are an ideal gift for the wine and spirit aficionados in your life. If they like brands like jack daniels, they will love it
  • GET IT WITH CONFIDENCE: Backed by a 30 day money back guarantee of complete satisfaction, you have nothing to lose. Order your complete whiskey cooling rocks gift set today and enjoy pure flavor with every sip!

Chill Your Favorite Drink In Style with the Best Set of Whiskey Stones by EMcollection!

Are you tired of water spillages on your kitchen floor, every time you rush in to quickly make some ice for your unexpected guests?

Do you hate diluting your expensive Scotch or Bourbon with water ice cubes that greatly affect its taste and quality?

Not anymore.

A must-have accessory for true whiskey lovers, these sleek whiskey stones will ensure that your drinks remain refreshingly cool and undiluted, so you can enjoy a unique, sipping experience, every time.

Add These Small Granite Cooling Rocks to Your Drink and Watch Them Work Their Magic!

Crafted from naturally non-porous granite stone, these perfect squares will keep your alcoholic beverages chilling !

Simply place them in the freezer for a few hours and they will bring your whiskey, wine or other liquor down to the perfect temperature in five minutes or less. Plus, they are a great way to impress your guests and catch everyone’s eye, each time you take a sip.

Get A Complete, Luxury Set with Glasses and Storage Bag

Beautifully packed in an elegant, wooden box, the set contains 8 natural granite whiskey ice rocks, 2 beautiful Whiskey glasses and a classy, black velvet bag to keep your whiskey cubes clean in the freezer.

Thanks to its elegant and stylish look, it makes an excellent gift set for friends and loved ones that won’t let you down.

Order Yours Today, Completely Risk-Free!

Backed by an easy return policy, you can buy with peace of mind!

Click “Add To Cart” Now and Upgrade Your Sipping Experience!

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