iNeibo® Ice Ball Maker Molds-2 Inch Silicone Separate Ice Spheres,Chocolate Balls,Jelly Balls,Cake Balls-with Funnels and Hole Covers for Bonus(4 Packs)


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  • KEEP YOUR DRINK COOL FOR A LONG TIME-iNeibo Ice Ball Maker creates 4 separate 2inches(5.08cm) spheres of ice. Due to its small touching surface, a ball-shaped pack of ice melts more slowly than a traditional ice cube and keeps drink cool for a long time and dilutes your beverage at a much slower rate.
  • EASY TO USE AND MULTIFUNCTIONAL-This item can not only used as an ordinary ice ball maker mold,also,it can be used as chocolate ball molds,jelly ball molds and even cake ball molds.This is not a simple ice mold any more.
  • MADE OF FOOD-GRADE MATERIAL-iNeibo Ice Ball Maker is make of FDA approved hygienic silicone material.This is heat-resistant material which can undertake high temperature up to 300℃(572℉).So it can be used as cooking tool with producing any harmful substance.
  • BONUS GIFT-Four small transparent funnels and 4 hole covers come absolutely FREE with your portable Ice Ball Maker! Using the funnel, you can easily inject water into the ice ball mold without splashes and drips. Place the small hole cover on the hole to avoid any pollution from outside.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY-iNeibo Kitchenware provides a lifetime warranty on the items.This is risk-free buying.
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— Kitchen Ice Ball Molds

Are you fed up with small ice cube which melts quickly when immersed in liquid?

Have you ever complained the single function of traditional ice molds which are only used for making certain shape of ice?

Is the ice mold material hygienic or not still one of the healthy issues you most concern about?

Now please take your time and have a look at our amazing ice ball maker molds that we specially design to serve your better.

What makes our ice ball maker molds so amazing?
(1) Good-looking and colorful combination
(2) FDA & LFGB approved
(3) BPA free
(4) Odorless
(5) Hygienic silicone material
(6) Perfect size:The diameter of the ice ball is 2inches(5.08cm) which is suitable for normal-size glasses and coffee cups. Besides water, you can fill the mold with ice cream, fruits,soda, wine and so on.
(7) KEEP LIQUID COOL FOR A LONG TIME:The perfect size of the ice ball makes it stay in liquid for as long as 3 hours.
(9) Heat-resistant up to 300℃(572℉)
(10) Separate design
(11) Quite easy to clean and dishwasher allowed
(12) More Affordable Price

Using Tips:
1. Use the funnel to fill the sphere mold with liquid.(Pay attention that it’s better to fill it up to 80-90%,about 1.5cm from the edge of the hole on the top because it will expand when freezing.)
2. If you want to get perfect shape of ice ball,It’s better to fill with cool boiled water or distilled water.If not ,there will be some bubbles producing from the bottom of the water which effects the perfect shape of sphere.

Now or never!Stop hesitating and get them right now!

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